You never know when an accident or medical emergency will happen. If this happens while you are traveling, it could cost you thousands of dollars. If you don't have the right protection, this is not a souvenir to take back from your vacation.

Medavie Blue Cross travel insurance products are designed to give Atlantic Canadians peace of mind when traveling. As travel insurance consultants, we work with many travel insurance companies in Canada, including Blue Cross and Manulife. This means we shop on your behalf for price and quality. Don't rely on your credit card insurance or group insurance. Sure to pack one of travel insurance plans in your bag before you out your home. The identification of the accidental accident
If you travel once a year, or if you have set up many trips, we came here to help you!

The travel insurance attachment puts cover for:

Easy plan or many
Cover for Colod-19
$ 5 to 10 million for emergency health care
The hospital cost
Ambulance (land or boat)
Drug requirements to heal emergency
An expert, doctors and other health workers for an emergency treatment
The therapy follows the accident
Emergency movement by boat or commercial vehicle makes health
The return of your partner and / or family of the same policy
Insured Travel Insurance

It's not all the help and expenses. You can also obtain insurance for these conditions. Trip cancellation: for advanced travel expenses if your trip is unexpectedly canceled before departure.
Trip cancellation: for prepaid travel expenses if your trip is unexpectedly canceled after departure.
Luggage insurance: for lost, stolen or damaged luggage
Accidental death and amputation: in case of death or loss of limb following a travel accident
How to check your travel insurance now
Not sure what you're covered for? Check the insurance limit on your credit card. Pay attention to the following:

Travel time
Some companies limit length of stay based on age. If you're a snowbird in the south, you may not be covered. Emergency medical coverage
Check the eligibility requirements for your insurance. Do you have a chronic illness or pre-existing condition? Your condition may need to be stable for more than 6 or 12 months, depending on your age. Sometimes, only a percentage of the total cost of emergency medical care can be reimbursed. Also, benefits below this amount will be deducted and you can pay for services upfront and be reimbursed.

Trip cancellation or cancellation

Be sure to check what the trip cancellation and cancellation limits are. For example, most Gold cards limit coverage to $2,000, which is not enough to cover 3 or 4 trips abroad. Few group plans offer these benefits. bag
Most credit card plans and group plans do not include pocket insurance. If they do, they usually have very low coverage.

Protect your travel budget

certification of the travel insurance program of the Travel Insurance Association of Canada
All MMHI consultants are TRIP certified travel professionals.
If your group or credit card coverage is limited, we can upgrade your coverage with additional travel coverage. One way or another, it is likely that your other protection will take over in the event of an accident or illness.

If you're in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island, contact one of our travel insurance experts to help you choose the travel insurance you need.

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